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Wes + Elissa Engagement

I loved getting to shoot Elissa and Wes engagement session at Burdoc Farms, which is where they’re going to hold their reception this fall. I’ve shot many weddings here, but this was my first engagement session. It was fun to explore and shoot in new places there. We wrapped up in downtown Hopkinsville. They did such a great job posing that I have so many favorites below! Be sure click here to see them all!
Collage 1pintopinterestCollage 2pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-9pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-13pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-29pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-35pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-57pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-67pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-79pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-105pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-125pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-135pintopinterestCollage 3pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-167pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-145pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-151pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-177pintopinterestCollage 4pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-193pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-207pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-211pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-215pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-223pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-231pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-243pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-253pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-257pintopinterestCollage 5pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-289pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-291pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-299pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-295pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-307pintopinterestCollage 6pintopinterestElissa Wes Engaged-309pintopinterest

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